Thriphala with cinnamon and Ginger
Metabolic Wellness

Goodness of Thriphala with Cinnamon and dry ginger

Net.Content : 100 grams.

Natural ingredients The content is in powder form . A quality product from Satvi Wellness

How to prepare: Mix 3-5 grams of Thriphala drink mix in 40 ml pure warm water. In general practice, take this mixture morning and evening in a day . Not recommended during pregnancy Not a medicine. A health supplement . Metabolic Wellness

Triphala is one among the most popular herbal preparation explained in Ayurveda.In the literature by Charaka describes rasayanas as having the qualities of supporting strength and immunity. Ayurvedic pharmacology describes the attributes of herbs. The rasa / taste of Triphala is sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent; the only taste not contained within the formula is salty. Ayurveda suggests the food which is having all possible rasas in balance are most beneficial for the health. Triphala is useful for healthcare in various aspects. 

Not a medicine. A health supplement 

Available in Dip Bags for easy use