Herbal fumigation sticks

Team Satvi have developed different varieties of incense sticks with the combination of natural materials. No chemicals are used for scent. The soothing natural fragrance keep the environment pleasant and aid to maintain air hygiene. 

Herbal Fumigation

Pavana dhoop sticks are prepared out of natural ingredients. Chemicals are not used for fragrance.  

8 Variants are available   :  1) Classic 

                                                   2) Air Care 

                                                   3) Mosquito Control

                                                  4) Floral

                                                  5) Signature

                                                  6) Essentials

                                                  7) Yogic 

                                                 8) Charcoal free

Satvi Pavana Dhoop Sticks 

Length       : 10 cm*

Burning time : 45-60 min*

Packaging : Carton box

                          1) Standing Box

                       2) Hanging Box

1 box has   : 15 sticks , 1 stand

Dhoopana - An Ayurvedic mode of disinfection

Herbal fume inhalation is a therapeutic module mentioned in detail in Ayurvedic literature for therapeutic purposes. Besides therapeutics, Dhoopana is also helpful for environmental benefits such as killing bugs, purifying the environment, etc

Ayurveda has given much importance for preventive medicine and it has described several modes for disinfection purpose.  Fumigation (Dhoopana) with various drugs is one such method which is safe, natural and cost effective. Drugs of herbal, herbo-mineral and animal origin containing volatile and antimicrobial constituents are used as single or in combination. Dhoopanavarthi (fumigation sticks) can be made out of drugs for easy administration.

The results of the studies strongly suggested that the traditional Ayurvedic fumigation with natural plant products is effective in reducing air-borne bacteria and in disinfecting inanimate surfaces. The traditional fumigation with herbal products has huge potential to address the problem of nosocomial infections.Dhoopana helps to cleanse the aerosol microorganisms.