Safed Musali
Men Wellness

Natural | Anti oxidant | General vitality

Plant based product

Net.Content : 40 grams

No added chemicals. Natural ingredients

The content is in powder form

A quality product from Satvi Wellness

Ingredients: Safed musali 

Herbs for healthy life : Safed Musali exhibits anti-stress properties, hence helpful for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression when taken regularly. It is famous for its powerful aphrodisiac properties and believes that it can enhance testosterone when consumed regularly. It is imbued with the goodness of potent antioxidants. In general Safed Musali is a great natural option which can be included in daily life for healthy lifestyle and vitality.

How to prepare: BBoil 2.5 -3 grams of safed musali powder in 150 ml pure milk and add 50 ml pure water in to it. Boil under low heat till reduce the quantity to 150 ml. Strain it properly before use. Advised to take in warm condition. Compatible sweetening materials can be added as per user’s wish

Not recommended during pregnancy .Not a medicine. A health supplement 

Safed musli powder | White musli powder | Musli root powder | Safed musali