Dia Drink
Diabetic Wellness

Dia Drink – Herbal mix to prepare drinking water

Diabetic Wellness

Net.Content : 100 grams

No added chemicals. Natural ingredients

The content is in powder form

A quality product from Satvi Wellness

How to prepare: Boil 5 grams of dia drink powder in 400 ml pure water. Boil under low flame and reduce in to 200 ml. Sieve properly before drink this water. In general practice, take 50 ml 4 times a day 10 minutes before food.

Ingredients: Salacia reticulata,Terminalia arjuna,Hemidesmus indicus,Indian kino tree,Syzygium cumini

*Salacia reticulata

Studies have indicated that aqueous extracts when administered to type II diabetic subjects effectively control blood glucose levels and do so without adverse effects. Furthermore, blood lipids are also modulated. In addition, tissue damaging glycosylation reactions involving elevated glucose levels are also decreased as indicated by lowered levels of HbA1c.

*Terminalia arjuna

Free radicals and associated oxidative stress induced by alloxan are implicated in eliciting pathological changes in diabetes mellitus. Terminalia arjuna bark, an indigenous plant used in ayurvedic medicine in India, primarily as a cardiotonic is also used in treating diabetes.The bark extract of Terminalia arjuna possesses potent antidiabetic activity.

*Hemidesmus indicus

Aqueous extract of the roots of H. indicus at a dosage of 500 mg/kg/day exhibits significant antidiabetic activity. It restores the concentrations of electrolytes, glucose metabolizing enzymes. H. indicus could be used as an antidiabetic and antioxidant agent for the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus.

*Indian kino tree

Indian kino tree is known for its antidiabetic activity. It is reported to have not only hypoglycemic property but also β-cell protective and regenerative properties, effects which have been attributed to the flavonoid content in the plant. Complete restoration of normal insulin secretion and regeneration of beta cells have been reported

*Syzygium cumini

Syzygium cumini bark decoction is used in treating diabetes mellitus in Ayurveda medicine. These plant phenolic compounds have proven antioxidant and antiglycation activities through which they can mediate their antidiabetic effects.

**Concept of Anupana 

Anupana is one of the unique concepts of Ayurveda which plays an important role in the treatment. Anupana is that material which is consumed along with food or medicine. It can increase the palatability of the food or medicine, can improve the digestion and absorption and also act as a vehicle which carries the drug to their target site.

Acharya  sharangadhara  has  mentioned  that  when  medicine  is  administered  along  with anupana, the medicine spread all over the body rapidly as a drop of oil spreads over water very quickly. So anupana is helpful for easy absorption of drugs in the body. Proper anupan brings refreshment of  body quickly and helps in easy digestion resulting in promotion of longevity, strength, pleasure,  softening and liquefying of  medicine, digesting, assimilation and instant diffusion of medicine.

Yogaratnakar wrote that anupana of any medicine are responsible factor for minimizing the drug dose and to get synergetic effect. If there are some toxic or adverse effect manifested by Ayurvedic formulation, it can be subsided by the influence of adjuvant and drug dose can be minimized.

Not advised during pregnancy